The Beginning

July 10, 2013 6 Comments
She walks in beauty, like the night          Of cloudless climes and starry skies;      And all that's best of dark and bright          Meet in her aspect and her eyes:      Thus mellowed to that tender light          Which heaven to gaudy day denies.

She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that’s best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes:
Thus mellowed to that tender light
Which heaven to gaudy day denies. -Byron

In the fall of 2012, out of a job, commuting 100 miles one way to take care of my dying father, I was at crossroads on how I would find ways to take care of myself while being a long-distance caretaker.  It was a tough time with few rewards and lots of windshield and nursing home time.

For years, my life had been my job.  It was a big, corporate job with clients, deadlines, meetings, travel and busy. busy days.  Then, that life was gone.  The vaccuum was filled with untangling the intricacies of Financial and Medical Power of Attorney, deciphering  Social Security and Medicare jargon,  sitting in on nursing care reviews, supporting a dying parent, and, in my “spare time”, looking for work.

I knew I needed to find time for myself in the midst of midnight emergency calls and job rejection letters to build a healthy body, lively mind and peaceful soul.

I got off to a rough start when I forgot about the “peaceful soul” part of my quest and tried to get in shape with P90X, a set of fitness DVDs that are more like Boot Camp for Marines than a Path to Enlightenment and Well-being.  I did pretty good, until I hit the Yoga Session.  I. nearly. died…trying to do 90 minutes of extreme yoga.  P90X is not for the faint of heart, nor out of shape Grannys.

Lession learned, I continued looking for an exercise practice that would engage my brain, my muscles and enhance my well-being.  About that time, I came across a quote from Dr. Oz, “If you want to live to be a healthy 100 year-old, practice Qigong”.  Hmmm, I didn’t know if 100 was attainable, but why not?  I did know, after watching my Dad try to adjust to his nursing home life , that I wanted to prolong my ability to live independently as long as possible.

From the first Thursday night class at Westminster Church, I knew Tai Chi/Qigong was a powerful and peaceful option for me and I kept going back.  Before long, and without any other life changes,  I began to sleep better, my balance improved, and I was a calmer and happier person.  This girl who was always on the wrong foot, facing the wrong direction, when she tried Country Line Dancing was moving and stretching and beginning to understand and love the benefits of Qigong and Tai Chi to bones, nerves, muscles, lymph system and mind.

Fast forward nine months, I’ve kept up my Tai Chi/Qigong practice and have begun to teach my own classes while continuing to learn from my Teachers Ruth and Sherry.    I highly recommend regular practice and have witnessed people with Parkinson’s, MS, Arthritis and diabetes improve their symptoms.  I regularly practice with men and women in their 80’s and 90’s.  All coming together for the good of body and soul.

And so, dear reader, thank you for joining  me on my journey to 100 years of wellness.  If I can inspire you, just a little, on the trip, then I will be well pleased.   Namaste.  Becky


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  1. Dodie Davis says:

    This is great!

  2. EJ Jorgensen says:

    Good job lady! Keep it up!

  3. Heffy Provost says:

    Namaste Obi Wan! It was with great interest that I read your blog and for a couple of reasons. First and foremost it answers the question of what are you up to and how are you doing. I am sorry to hear about your Dad and I know that it had to be physically and mentally exhausting, so you are absolutely in our thoughts and prayers. Second, once again you have given me pause and given me something to think about. You always were an excellent teacher! In the year of my 50th birthday I have taken to pondering what I want to do with the second half of my life and all roads keep coming back to health and happiness. I am 7 months into a new journey of exercising in some way shape or form every day and have gotten back outdoors and started hiking mountains and seeing if I remember what life outside of an office building is all about. While I am not ready to retire, nor am I able to cause of all those darn kids, I have decided that I need to find a much better balance. Thanks for sharing your insight as it resonates and thanks to you I will now start learning about Qigong and see if it is something that would be a fit for me. It is great to hear you are doing well and as always you are experiencing life to it’s fullest. I believe you once told me, it really is all about the journey! Take care. HP

  4. Sharon Cox says:

    This sounds just like you!

  5. Beth Damm says:

    What a beautiful blog Becky! Love your “about the author” writing. Keep shining your light and repeat often, “I am a peaceful, powerful soul.” Hope to take one of your classes. A huge fan of YOU, Beth

    • Becky Goldin says:

      Thanks so much, Beth. Your teaching style is an inspiration to me and I end every class reminding us all that we are “peaceful, powerful souls”

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