Q Tip # 9: Finding time for Mindfulness

June 27, 2013 1 Comment

No time for candles, sitting cushion, or mantras?  Consider other options.

1.  When you take your shower, pay attention to how the soap smells; how your skin feels as you wash each body part; massage your ears, your hands, your feet; and as you go thank each body part for doing its role to keep you whole.

2.  As you dry off after your shower, same thing–smell, rub, and thank

3.  As you apply lotion, same thing–smell, rub, and thank.

4.  Waiting at a traffic light, take a deep long breath in and out;  roll your shoulders in a circle then relax them, while you are at it, and blink your eyes a few times to lubricate them.   Then, smile to yourself and continue your journey as the light turns green.

5.  Cup of tea?  Give yourself five minutes to prepare, think of it as a mini-retreat.  Choose a cup that makes you happy.  Smell the tea leaves before you place them in the cup.  Listen to the water as it begins to boil.   Mindfully watch the hot water swirl in your cup.   Close your eyes as the tea steeps and think of the many hands that brought you this opportunity to reflect on the simple task.  As you sip, feel the warmth move through your body.  Namaste.

How do you find time for mindfulness?

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  1. Nicky says:

    Becky – I love your picture and your posts – especially the Q-tips. Very creative! I’m not clear if I can sign up for regular delivery in my inbox or not – I hope so! I’m so glad you are doing this – I think it will be very helpful for me. Love, Nicky

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