Q Tip # 3: The Qi (Chee) of Travel

August 1, 2013 1 Comment


Olde Tyme Sign in Excelsior, MO Belinda's so good in the bathtub, just ask her; she'll probably say she's planning to grow up to be a professional bathlete someday. --Kenn Nesbitt

Olde Tyme Sign in Excelsior, MO
Belinda’s so good in the bathtub,
just ask her; she’ll probably say
she’s planning to grow up to be
a professional bathlete someday.
–Kenn Nesbitt

My husband and I love road trips.  We plan a route on Friday night and take off for a day or two early next morning.  Riding hours in a truck can be stressful for my body even though we do make frequent stops.  So, I grab my Go Pack when I walk out the door.

Becky’s Go Pack:

1.  Snack Bag- Almonds, dried cherries, Coconut & Honey No-Bake Energy Bites and (ahem) M&Ms


2.  Water Bottles-We drink Berkey Filtered Water to remove chlorine and fluoride from our city water

3.  MP3 player and earphones

4.  Coconut oil-small container good for moisturizing skin and lips, makeup remover, cuticle oil, and a hundred other uses

5.  Home made Baby Wipes in a zip lock bag-http://refashionmama.wordpress.com/2012/01/29/homemade-baby-wipes-or-eye-make-up-remover/

6. Colgate Wisps-pint-sized tooth brushes

7.  Two Lacrosse (or tennis) balls-to place behind my back or under my thighs when muscles get tight. Position balls between seat and the tight muscle, use the pressure of your body against the seat to loosen the sore spot.  Move balls as needed.

When I fly I add:  a few tea bags and Starbucks VIA packets, neck pillow, melatonin tablets, and black pepper in restaurant packets (add two packets to a glass of water) to reduce stomach bloating or irritation.

Do you have a great travel tip?    Namaste-Becky.

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