Q Tip # 18: Look Back to Feel Good

April 27, 2016 0 Comments

Practicing good posture has many benefits. Good posture can improve your breathing ability. It can relieve pressure on the spine, including muscles and ligaments, and it may lessen headaches or neck and back pain.   Chances are you’ll have more energy and feel better when you are aware of and practice good posture.

Perhaps you are like me and posture is the last thing you are thinking about when driving.  Well, driving can be a great way to train your sitting posture.

Here’s a tip.  Before backing out of your drive, sit up with your best aligned posture.  Drop your shoulders, align your spine, and position your head directly over (or as close as possible with) your shoulders.  You can imagine the crown of your head is being gently lifted by helium balloons.  Now, adjust your rear view mirrors and side mirrors for that posture.  You may be surprised at the new angle of the mirrors.  The beauty is that, as long as you don’t readjust your mirrors during the drive, you will be practicing great body mechanics all along your route every time you check your mirrors.

You may even arrive at your destination a little more alert and you surely will have had a chance to look back to feel good.


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