30 Days of Asking: Holding Myself Accountable

August 31, 2013 0 Comments
Fixin' to get ready, 30 Days of Asking "Does it love me?"

Fixin’ to get ready, 30 Days of Asking “Does it love me?”

It’s Saturday, August 31, the day before I start 30 days of simplifying my life.  I know from past experience I have to hold myself accountable, thus, I have my journal ready to go.  Through each day I will chronicle my activities in my journal, and each evening, I will post successes, failures and observations.

My journal will have a page for each day.  The top half will be for clearing “things”.  The bottom half of the page will be for clearing “thoughts, beliefs, and other intangibles”.  My Blog will be my point of accountability.

I think this will be fun, it could be torture.  Namaste, Becky.

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