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June 19, 2015 0 Comments
Warrior, a Different Kind of Ruler, Geek Heaven and a funny thing happened at the hot dog stand

Warrior, a Different Kind of Ruler, Geek Heaven and a funny thing happened at the hot dog stand


I’ve had a wonderful couple of weeks.  There were two visits by family, a trip to a silly movie, Chef Stephan’s pot roast for dinner two weeks an a row, excellent health and a break from Iowa rain storms.

Since I was rained in a lot this week, I also got to enjoy:

My Chinese Fan.  She’s a beauty.  White with strong bamboo bones and marked with the Chinese symbol for “Warrior”.  You can get right and left-handed here.

A Different Kind of Ruler:  The Do No Kai Martial Arts Temple made my ruler.  They explain this way:  “The essence of the Tai Chi Ruler is to teach the practitioner how to move and manage the flow of energy. The ruler acts as an energy collector, and the user learns to direct the energy at will. The practice of the Tai Chi Ruler form works like moving acupressure to open blocked energy channels and deliver a sense of well-being. Many practitioners actually credit the physical healing of various long- and short-term problems to their use of the Tai Chi Ruler.”   As I practice Tai Chi walking with the ruler, I can feel energy moving and building from the bottoms of my feet up my body.

Geek Heaven:  I have many Tai Chi and Qigong books.  I can’t fully describe my surprise and joy at being given a “hand-me-down” book passed through a friend and formerly owned by acquaintance of mine whom I deeply admire.  The book is “Tai Chi Ch’uan & Qigong Techniques and Training”.   The authors included a study of load intensity of Tai Chi forms in relation to heart rate and maximum oxygen uptake–with charts.  I have never seen charts, results, analysis and conclusions of the Chinese Martial Arts presented in print.  Geek heaven.  (I got mine free, looks like Amazon offers for .01.)

A funny thing* happened at the hot dog stand:  I’m pretty sure you’ve seen articles about Mindfulness.  In fact, you’ve probably had the opportunity to read 1000 articles about the benefits of mindfulness and meditation, but didn’t.

Lama Surya Das approaches the concept a little differently.  In his book, Make Me One with Everything”,  Surya acknowledges that sitting in lotus position with hands in lap and singing some mantra isn’t for everyone.  He presents the value of inter-meditation.  That is, closing the gap between ourselves and our world through fully connecting our minds with the people, things and concepts that present themselves to us while we actively move through our days.  That means, in the car, at the gas station, shopping, working, playing, walking…everywhere.  As one chapter title states: “Befriending Ourselves, Befriending the World.”

The funny thing* is how the Lama starts the book.  You see, the Buddha once commanded his followers to become one with everything by seeing through separateness.  So, here it comes….What did the Dalai Lama say to the hot dog vendor?  “Make me one with everything.”  Ha!

Cruising in to the weekend, wishing you healing for your sorrow, hope for your hopelessness, and joy that surpasses any challenge that comes your way.  -b


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