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Current Classes
On sabbatical from weekly teaching schedule.
Private Lessons:  Call Becky 515-556-0095
About me:  First born, awkward teenager, young professional, wife, Momma, divorced wife, Granny, wife (again), business owner, Fortune 500 Corporation executive, career coach, reader, writer, fly fisher, joke teller, fast driver, INFJ, Aquarius, Feng Shui hobbyist, Starbucks drinker, cross stitching Iowan….and, I practice Qigong/Tai Chi so I can live to be an active, healthy 100 year-old.  I teach Qigong/Tai Chi so you can come along with me.

I never thought I’d have the opportunity to take on a new career studying and teaching Qigong and Tai Chi.  I have two wonderful teachers:  Ruth Kneile and Sherry Levine.  Both women have studied with world renowned masters like Sifu Helen Wu and Dr. Paul Lam.  Both have generously given their time and advice to me and hundreds before me.  And, most important, both are powerful examples of passion and servant leadership as they mentor the people who find their ways to classes all over Des Moines.