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June 24, 2015 1 Comment

Qigong for Hand Pain Associated with Arthritis

I played basketball in high school and I can still remember the many jammed fingers I experienced over the course of my career.  I remember, especially, the night I jammed my little finger on the gym floor, stood up and saw the end of my finger pointing to the right while the rest of the finger was pointing straight ahead.  My finger is still a little crooked and I have mild arthritis in the joints of both hands, probably a combination of basketball and genetics.

To keep my hands flexible and strong, I practice Qigong hand exercises.

To perform hand Qigong, I first center myself by bringing my awareness to my breath. I take a few moments to inhale and exhale bringing my awareness to my body and to my energy center located in my lower dan tien (a point about three or so inches below my belly button, in the center of my body). I focus on feeling the expansion and contraction of my body around this point with each breath. Then, I bring my awareness to the energy in my hands. Since I’ve practiced Tai Chi and Qigong for several years, it is usually easy for me to “feel” the energy in my hands, especially in the center of the palm, or acupressure point “lao gun”. It feels like a pleasant tingling and slight pressure pushing the hands apart when the palms face one another.  You may want to gently clap or rub your hands together for a few seconds to feel the energy flow.

Follow one or both of the YouTube instruction videos cited below:


Al J. Simon “Finger Qigong Exercises for Chi circulation in the Fingers”  (Highly recommended)

Dr. George “Best  Hand Exercises”  (ok, not as good in my opinion)

Other Potential Interventions:

(I’m not a doctor.  The suggestions below are things I do that seem to help me.  Use your own best judgement, listen to your body and always consult your doctor when in doubt):

Avoid inflammatory  foods.  The biggies for me are trans fats, sugar, commercially grown meat, MSG, and artificial sugar (stevia seems to be an exception).

Consider taking turmeric supplement which has the active ingredient curcumin, a proven anti inflammatory.

I drink aloe vera juice from Trader Joe’s.  It’s inexpensive and seems to help.

Arnica Cream, Oil of Magnesium, or Nature’s Plus AgeLoss First Day Cream may be applied topically to see if you experience any relief.

Acupuncture at  Midwest Acupuncture (may not be covered by insurance).

Visit:  www.arthritis.org for lots of information.

Keep doing your Tai Chi for “chi” movement, stress relief and overall well being.

Meditate – proven to lower stress levels and may soften pain  (Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat-Zinn).

Remember:  You are not your pain.  Live your life to the fullest.  And, wave to me when we see one another.

Hope you find a nugget of relief in my suggestions, and thanks for connecting with me.  -b

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