30 Days of Asking: Laundry Room

September 3, 2013 1 Comment

Organizing a laundry room is almost as exciting as doing laundry.  By that I mean, both are drudgery.

With less than joyful anticipation, I got up from the lunch table and approached my third day chore to straighten, purge and clean the laundry room.  It wasn’t long until I realized that the room we call “laundry” is mis-labeled.  The proper name is “room with many junk drawers and shelves where we also keep the washer and dryer”.  No kidding, there is only one cupboard with laundry products, soap, dryer sheets, vinegar, and bleach.  There is also a cupboard full of glass storage containers.  A tall cupboard with a shelf of baking pans, a shelf of mixing bowls, a shelf of large pots and three drawers that could be labeled “junk”.  We have sewing junk, we have measuring junk, we have hammering and wrenching junk, we have tape and glue junk, and we have battery junk.  Oh, and a shelf of tea…Earl Grey, Paul Newman Green, iced tea bags, mint chocolate tea bags, red velvet tea bags, licorice tea bags, nettle tea bags, peppermint tea bags and a large plastic container of miscellaneous tea, bags of course.  Come over to my place for tea, any day.  I’ve got Teavanna backed into a corner.

One hour later, all sorted and looking good.  Except for a clothes pole full of hangers.  Mixed hangers, including wire hangers

Looking at that pole produced the “a ha” moment of the day.  I hate wire hangers.  I want a closet full of black, velvety hangers all hanging neatly in the same direction.  I want them now.

I feel a little like Joan Crawford in “Mommy Dearest” when she screams at her daughter, Christina, “No wire hangers.”  Of course, in the movie Joan flies in to a rage of monstrous proportions.  In my mini-series, I stopped at a shudder and head shake vowed to slowly purge the wire offenders from my life, one by one.  Made myself a cup of tea and walked away from the Junk/Laundry Room.

No wire hangers  (from the 1981 cult classic “Mommy Dearest”.)  Namaste, Becky.



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  1. kat g says:

    i love that you mention Mommy Dearest.

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