30 Days of Asking: Does it Love Me Back?

August 24, 2013 0 Comments
Isle of Mull, 2011 What is beauty If it is real When it can last A lasting memory Inflame an ember And quench a thirst.  -Martin Brato Sr.

Isle of Mull, 2011
What is beauty
If it is real
When it can last
A lasting memory
Inflame an ember
And quench a thirst. -Martin Brato Sr.


I am finally going to do it.  For the last few months, I’ve had a nagging idea that (this time) I really, really need to simplify by clearing out those things which bring no joy or value to my life.  While I wouldn’t say I am a hoarder, I can honestly say that I have lots of knicks, a few knacks, four closets, spans of cupboards and a garage full of stuff.

It is easy for me to look at an object I have or that I would like to have and to ask do “I love it”?   And, it is  just as easy to make a space for “it” in my life.  Upon further reflection, I need to ask a follow up question, “Does ‘it’ love me back?”   For example, I may love stopping at the DQ for a Dilly Bar. I can say with all my heart “I love it”.   But, if I ask myself “Does it love me back?”, the answer is “no”, when I have had a lot of sugar already that day.

Or, I may see a pair of Eileen Fisher slacks on sale…  Do I love them? Yes, always, they fit me well and last for years. But I may trip on the follow-up question,  “Do they love me back?”  That is when I need to stop.  Do I have a pair like them at home?  Are they a perfect fit?  Is there something in my closet I would send to Salvation Army to make room?  Today, the answer to “Do they love me back”, would be, “No.  I have plenty of Eileen Fisher pants, and these would disappear in the closet alongside the other pairs of pants.”

Not to belabor the point, but I’ve had a set of cooking pans in a box in my basement  for fifteen years.  Why? Because they are copper and they are beautiful.  I love them.   Did I tell you they are beautiful but in a box?  In a box, unopened for fifteen years, because they are copper and would need to be polished after use.  Hence the follow up question.  “Do they love me back?…sorry, Becky, they don’t.”

Starting on Sunday, September 1, I begin 30 Days of Asking.  Clothes, kitchen ware, knickknacks, books, iPad apps, new purchases, time spent– all are fair game as I choose a different subject every day for thirty days and ask two simple questions, “Do I love it?  Does it love me back?”

I invite you to join me on the journey with your own 30 Days of Asking.  Check out the Subject of the Day on Live Long Calendar.  Comment on my Live Long Qigong Facebook page.  Namaste, Becky.


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